FOI Disclosure Log

FOI Requests received by ESB Networks DAC's FOI Office in 1st and 2nd Quarter 2019.

Date Received  Category of Requester Description of Request  Status  Date of Decision Id Number 
 10/06/2019 Journalist Submissions made by the ESB and to the law reform commission in relation to its current project on compulsory acquisition of land in Ireland.  Refused  13/06/2019  FOI10205
 07/06/2019 Business/Interest Group Information regarding all 38kV circuits that have been upgraded or newly built within the last 10 years, underground or overhead.   Part-Granted  01/07/2019  FOI10204
 05/06/2019 Client  Planning in relation to Mast at ESB Buncrana and terms and conditions of contract and licence re: Mobile Phone Antenna.    Refused  07/06/2019  FOI10203 
 13/05/2019 Client All information, correspondence, risk assessments associated with Sli na Manach 0674208 substation.  Part-Granted  05/06/2019  FOI10200
 07/05/2019 Business/Interest Group Information and records re: agreements between ESB Networks and Aeolas Winfarms  Bunnyconnellan East Mayo and installation of ducting and Wayleave notice.  Withdrawn  29/05/2019  FOI10199
 11/04/2019  Business/Interest Group Application submitted by Amarenco Solar Cloyne. Modifications, amendments and documents in relation to the application and planning application to Cork County Council. Part-Granted  26/06/2019 FOI10197 
 08/04/2019 Business/Interest Group What 38kV substations are normally back-fed from a list of 110kV substations Refused  20/05/2019  FOI10196
 08/04/2019 Journalist Records in relation to the Poolbeg chimneys, their maintenance and their upkeep.   Refused  11/04/2019  FOI10195
 08/04/2019 Business/Interest Group Data on ESB Networks outages in the Dublin 2 area over the last 10 years.   Granted  03/05/2019  FOI10194
 26/03/2019 Business/Interest Group Cashen Arterial Drainage Scheme information on potential power that may be available, existing ESB power routes in the area of the Cashen. Information on approximately capacity and phase of the nearby networks. Withdrawn/Handled outside of FOI  02/04/2019  FOI10191 
22/03/2019  Business/Interest Group Records in relation clause 8.1 of the Operating Agreement between ESB and ESB Networks DAC. Part-Granted  20/05/2019  FOI10190
22/03/2019 Journalist Cost of maintaining the Poolbeg Chimneys between 2014-2019, broken down by year with breakdown into repairs, paint, cleaning, security etc.  Refused  28/03/2019  FOI10189
 14/03/2019 Client List of outages/service interruptions from March 2014 to the 13th March 2019, length of time and number of outages for this period for businesses located along the Main Street, Naas, Co. Kildare.  Granted  08/04/2019   FO110187
 01/03/2019 Client A schedule of works and preparation work undertaken in relation to the infrastructure work that took place in the vicinity of Knock between 1st June 2018 and 1st January 2019.  Part-Granted  27/03/2019   FOI10186
 22/02/2019 Client Records Re: illegal connection to the ESB network at Carrick Road, Dundalk.  Refused  20/03/2019  FOI10185 
 18/02/2019 Other Grid supply point (GSP), bulk supply point (BSP) and primary substation, location, capacity (MVA) and voltage regulation for SP Energy Networks covered regions.  Refused  19/02/2019  FOI10183 
 01/02/2019 Journalist Complaints made by residents of Longford, Leitrim and Roscommon, in tabular form, to ESB Networks between  July 1st 2018 and January 31st 2019 and the actions taken by the ESB. Part-Granted  26/02/2019  FOI10182
 24/01/2019 Client Fault records for the Fairview area between 24th January 2018 and 24th January 2019.  Part-Granted 20/02/2019  FOI10181
03/01/2019 Business/Interest Group  Conductor size and conductor type for each Distribution Line. Peak Demand informationfor the 38kV and 110kV Substations.  Part-Granted 30/01/2019  FO110180

 Table 1 - FOI Disclosure Log

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