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ESB Networks is a ring fenced subsidiary of ESB Group responsible for the network that carries electricity to Ireland's 2.3 million domestic, commercial and industrial customers.

ESB Networks manages both the transmission and distribution system networks, and operates as  Distribution System Operator (DSO).

We build, operate and maintain overhead electricity power lines and underground cabling throughout the country. ESB Networks is often referred to as Distribution System Operator, or the DSO, in official documents.

As Distribution System Operator (DSO), ESB Networks is responsible for bringing electricity to your home or business. We must maintain the network to international safety and electrical standards, ensuring electricity supply is available to all electricity customers.

Our responsibilities include: 

  • Restoring power when faults arise on the network and cause loss of supply
  • Making all new connections to the electricity network 
  • As Meter Operator, we maintain and read all electricity meters.


We aim to provide a high quality service to our customers at all times.

Yes. ESB Networks  is statutorily obliged to connect your home or premises to the electricity network regardless of your location and subject to certain conditions. These conditions are specified in new connection quotations.

The most common times you will need to contact us are:

  • When you experience a loss of electricity supply
  • When there is an emergency, such as a fallen electricity line and network safety
  • When you need an alternation to your electricity supply such as increased capacity
  • When you need a new electricity connection
  • When you need underground cable diversions or overhead line diversions
  • If you experience voltage or power quality problems- If you need your meter relocated.

For electricity supplied at Low Voltage by ESB Networks, the nominal standard is 230/400 Volts, 50Hz..

ESB Networks undertakes to deliver single phase electricity within a voltage range of 207 Volts to 253 Volts. This is in accordance with European Standard EN50160.

ESB Networks owns and maintains approximately 150,000 kilometres of overhead lines. Associated with these overhead lines are more than 2 million wood poles.

Find out more information in our ESB Networks Key Statistics 2014 (PDF | 270 KB).

Everyone with an electricity connection in the Republic of Ireland is a customer of ESB Networks. Other customers include  the electricity supply companies and renewable energy producers.
We are responsible for delivering  the electricity to your home and business. We look after overhead lines, underground cables and substations. Your Electricity Supplier is the company that sells you your electricity, and to which you pay your bills. For a list of all Electricity Suppliers see  CRU website
No. ESB Networks is the only company licensed to provide networks services and build new public electricity networks in Ireland.