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Connection Policy - Transitional Arrangements Application Form for Capacity Release

In line with the commission for Energy Regulation (CER)'s Decision Paper - Connection Policy Transitional Arrangements CER/16/284, generation customers may apply to ESB Networks to terminate all or part of an eligible Customer's Distribution Connection Agreement. Customers shall be refunded 80% of first stage payment or 80% of the relevant first stage payment in the case of a partial termination. ESB Networks is now accepting applications from eligible projects, guidance for which is listed below. The previous deadline for applications was 12th February 2017. This deadline has now been extended by CER from 12th February 2017 to 28th April 2017. Any applications received after this date will not be processed unless otherwise directed by the CER.

 DSO Capacity Release Form PDF

There is no application fee payable by the Customer for the processing of these applications or the processing of any resultant full or partial termination of a Distribution Connection Agreement. When the application form is completed please email an electronic version to and send the form in hardcopy ( with original signature) to:

DSO Generators, ESB Networks, Phase 1 Building, Leopardstown Rd., Foxrock,

Dublin 18,  Ireland. D18XN80.

It should be noted that this form is to be used for the purposes of CER/16/284 only. Once the deadline date for this measure has passed this form will no longer be valid. The refund rules are set out in Section 3.4.2. of CER/16/284.  Guidance for eligible projects is in accordance with Section 3.4.1 of CER/16/284. For full details of the decision please refer to the CER Direction CER/16/284.

Please note that this application form deals with the Distribution Connection Agreements only. If you wish to avail of the capacity release measure under CER/16/284 and have a Transmission Connection Agreement, please contact Eirgrid at


Summary of Standard Specification for ESB Networks 110kV Ducting

This document provides a guide to the requirements of ESB Networks in relation to electricity installations in housing schemes.

Download PDF | 3 MB


Architectural Drawings for Medium Voltage (MV) Substation Buildings (No.13320)

Specification 13320 is currently being revised to reflect these drawings,  please contact Con Moloney at OR Charlie Cullen at for further information.

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Approved Material Suppliers for LV, MV, 38kV & 110kV Associated Work

This document lists the suppliers whose material has been approved for: vault covers, minipillar vaults, 110kV & 38kV link boxes, ducting, cable pulling equipment, marker tapes, marker strips, marker posts and substation materials.

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MV/LV Installations Standards & Practice Manual

This document provides guidance and standards for MV/LV cable installations on the ESB system. It is password protected, if you need access to it please contact


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ESB Networks' Annual Compliance Report 2014

This Report outlines the activities undertaken by the DSO and TAO in relation to the implementation of the Compliance Programme during 2014.

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ESB Networks DAC Statement of Charges

This document lists the current connection charges, distribution use of system charges (DUoS) and other service charges applied by ESB Networks DAC. in its role as Distribution System Operator .

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FOI Application Form ESB Networks

Application form to make a Freedom of Information Request to ESB Networks

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Farm Safely with Electricity

Farm Safely with Electricity

The booklet is part of our commitment to providing leadership in safety. It provides some practical guidance on farming safely with electricity.

Farm Safely with Electricity | 1MB


Distribution Code V5

Distribution Code defines the technical aspects of the working relationships between the DSO and all other users of the Distribution System.  It aims to ensure an efficient, co-ordinated and economical system for electricity distribution.  The Distribution Code was first approved by the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) in March 2000.  Any modifications or updates to this code must be approved by this Commission.  More detail is available in the Distribution Code Review Panel Constitution and Rules.

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Distribution Code Derogation Application Form

Distribution Code Derogation Application Form

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