​Ireland's Energy Future

The electricity industry in Ireland is undergoing unprecedented change, facilitating our country’s transition to a low carbon energy system, while providing secure supplies of competitive and affordable energy to our homes and businesses.

There are significant external factors driving change in the energy industry in Ireland:

  • New Generation – The huge increase in renewable energy is changing energy generation  from a few large generation plants to more small scale distributed energy
  • Energy Use – Customers will generate electricity locally and use technologies such as heat pumps and electric vehicles which will radically change electrical energy usage
  • Customer Behaviour – Customers want to play a more active role in understanding their energy use and controlling it
  • Climate Change – More extreme weather conditions and more frequent storms present challenges for the electricity system
  • Digital Technology – Advances in digital technology are driving change in many areas of the business
  • Regulatory Policy – Irish and international policy changes on climate, environment and regulation will all impact on how we design and operate our network
Infographic of Ireland's Energy Future to 2030