ESB Networks' Senior Management Team

Marguerite Sayers

Director ESB Networks DAC


Marguerite SayersESB Networks is a regulated business and carries out its role as set out in the Transmission Asset Owner (TAO), Distribution Asset Owner (DAO), and Distribution System Operator (DSO). Licences are put in place by the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER). The day to day licence activities and investments in the network are funded through the Use of System Charges paid by customers through a proportion of the units of electricity they buy from their electricity supplier. The Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) has the responsibility for approving Networks expenditure and setting the Use of System Charges. There are currently approximately 3,100 staff in ESB Networks, and so it is the largest business unit in the ESB Group in terms of staff numbers. The MD of the unit is Marguerite Sayers. There are nine senior managers reporting to Ms. Sayers and their key duties are outlined as below.


Anne-Marie Kean

Manager, Networks Finance,


Anne-Marie KeanThe Manager of Networks Finance is responsible for the overall financial and commercial management of ESB Networks which has a Regulated Asset Base of circa €8bn.  She is also responsible for corporate governance and regulatory compliance as well as the legal function within ESB Networks.

  • Managing financial performance of ESB Networks
  • Implementing effective corporate governance
  • Developing and implementing financial strategies
  • Managing the preparation, delivery and reporting of ESB Networks DAC Statutory and Regulatory Financial Statements
  • Managing taxation within ESB Networks
  • Managing the Legal Team within ESB Networks

Tom McMahon
Manager, Human Resources

Tom McMahon 139x134The Manager of Human Resources and Support is responsible for the full spectrum of strategic and operational HR activities, including resource planning, employee relations, organisational design, recruitment, performance management and people development. 

  • Providing Strategic and Operational Human Resource Services for more than 3,100 staff
  • Ensuring staff recruitment and competence, including delivery of appropriate technical training


Donal Crean
Manager, Asset Management

The Manager of Asset Management is responsible for ensuring successful and efficient programme delivery within the regulatory framework and in line with the price review agreed with the Commission for Energy Regulation.  He is also responsible for ensuring operational excellence in the management of the network and ensuring engineering excellence in the management of assets.

  • Negotiating and delivering the price review contract
  • Managing commercial and regulatory relations 
  • Delivering procurement services for all of ESB Networks
  • Ensuring best practice in network design, standards and policies
  • Developing and implementing business plans in Asset Management 
  • Managing programme delivery targets 
  • Establishing optimum development of the distribution system 
  • Managing the operational excellence of the network 
  • Facilitating the connection of new demand customers (>4MVA) and renewable generators  
  • Managing the performance of the management team in Asset Management

Gerry Mooney
Manager, Safety & Organisational Transformation

With over 2,000 staff and contractors carrying out work on the electricity  system every day, and responding to faults 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, ensuring the safety of all ESB Networks staff and contractors , as well as co-ordinating Public Safety Activities is the key role of the Manager of Safety and Organisational Transformation.

  • Developing and leading the Networks Safety Strategy
  • Managing staff, contractor and public safety 
  • Co-ordinating  safety activities across the business 
  • Establishing  safety procedures  
  • Safety assurance through independent audits 
  • Developing and maintaining the Safety Management System   
  • Investigating accidents and incidents.

P.C. Lynch
Manager, HV Delivery & Contracting

The Manager of HV Delivery and Contracting is charged with delivering major capital and maintenance projects on High Voltage network assets, including the Transmission system,  in terms of cost, quality and time and within the overall agreed regulatory framework. The role also includes the management of internal and contractor resources, and continuous performance reviews to ensure the effective delivery of major projects as part of business strategy.

  • Develop a strong safety, quality and performance culture  
  • Deliver major projects on time, within budget and to scope  
  • Develop and maintain close co-operation with stakeholders including ESB International, Eirgrid, Contractor Organisations and  Independent Power Producers. 
  • Manage project delivery targets as agreed with Asset Management and within the regulatory framework in respect of : 
    • Delivery of HV work programmes
    • Contractor Management  
    • Staff, Contractor and Public Safety  
    • Work Quality Management  
    • Effective deployment of resources  
  • Commissioning of new HV assets 
  • Manage contractor resource engagement and performance for ESB Networks 
  • Manage the performance of the Network Projects Management Team

Senan Colleran
Manager, Distribution & Customer Service

The role of the Manager of Customer Services is to ensure that ESB Networks provides a quality service to its 2.3M customers in a safe and effective manner and within regulated cost and service performance targets. In addition the Head of Customer Services also manages external stakeholders and continuous improvement of customer relations on behalf of ESB Networks. 

  • Ensure public safety with respect to the electricity network
  • Efficiently deliver Medium Voltage and Low Voltage Programmes as agreed with the Commission for Energy Regulation to improve quality of service to customers
  • Maximise continuity and ensure efficient fault restoration  
  • Optimise stakeholder and customer relations
  • Manage customer service delivery targets within the regulatory framework in respect of:
    • New connections 
    • Fault repair and emergency response 
    • Metering and services 
    • Network operation and control 
  • Technology deployment Manage the safety and performance of the national Customer Services team

Conor Healy
Manager, Systems & Sustainability

The Manager of Systems and Sustainability is responsible for Networks IT, metering and data services to the retail and wholesale markets; Telecoms services to ESB Group; development of Smart Networks; Management of ESB Networks' property.


  • Leading the development and implementation of business plans in systems and sustainability  
  • Developing and maintaining close co-operation with stakeholders including Eirgrid, the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) and The Commission for Communication Regulation (ComReg) 
  • Managing the metering and data services to the retail and wholesale markets
  • Managing the provision of utility specific telecoms solutions and services to ESB Group and EirGrid  
  • Managing the Networks IT programme in line with CRU determination
  • Managing the program of RD&I activities across ESB Networks
  • Managing the ESB Network's property portfolio
  • Price Review inputs to CRU for IT, Telecoms, Research & Development and Metering

Walter Keady
Manager, Strategy Performance Improvement & Support

The Manager of Strategy, Performance Improvement & Support is responsible for High-level strategy development for ESB Networks, overall Performance Improvement in the business, Supply Chain Management, Managing the Fleet & Equipment business with over 1,500 vehicles and the ESB Networks Training Centre, which trains school leavers as Network Technicians and also provides a wide range of specialist technical training for more experienced staff and contractors.


  • Leading the overall development of long-term strategy in ESB Networks 
  • Contributing to the implementation of ESB Networks business strategies and plans 
  • Leading the development and implementation of business plans in Performance Improvement & Networks Support  
  • Developing and maintaining close co-operation with stakeholders including HR, Systems & Sustainability, Asset Management , Safety & Organisational Transformation, Distribution & Customer Service and High Voltage Delivery & Contracting  
  • Support the Networks Business in implementing efficiency improvements to meet targets  
  • Developing and delivering day to day and longer term expertise to the business in the areas of Fleet Management, Materials Management and Training
  • Managing the teams in Performance Improvement and Networks Support



Eoghan Barrett
Manager, Smart Metering Programme

The Manager of Smart Metering is responsible for the definition and safe delivery of the metering, IT and telecommunications infrastructure to support the transition to the National Smart Metering high level design (HLD) on a phased basis.  Phase one will result in the procurement and installation of 250,000 smart meters, the installation of the IT and telecommunications systems to support collection and distribution of metering data by the end of 2020 and the necessary changes to the retail market processes.

  • Developing and maintaining close co-operation with stakeholders including Commission for Regulation of Utilities, retail market participants, energy supply companies, Gas Networks Ireland.
  • Develop customer communications and ensure a positive customer experience during meter changes.
  • Define and deliver retail market change requests (MCR's) in consultation with regulatory authorities and market participants in April 2019 and Dec 2020.
  • Ensure that the Smart Metering Project complies with GDPR requirements.
  • Liaise with the wider ESB Networks business to identify and deliver the business changes required to embed the enduring Smart Metering processes.
  • Maintain progress towards the high level design by review progress and agree scope of future phases with the Commission for Regulation of Utilities.